Jean Marie´s Story
From corporate job to spiritual health guide and minister

When we follow our life path, we may not always prepare ourselves for adversities on the way. This has been true for me, so I started to look for coping mechanisms, abundantly offered by books, spiritual healers and religions. Over time the realization struck home that the answers I was looking for are not to be found outside of me but need to come from within: I am my solution.

This triggered a fundamental career change as sharing this experience and helping others to be their solution undeniably became my purpose. I follow this purpose as a reverend (Minister) at Unity Church Sunlakes, a certified life coach and a Naam Yoga teacher. JEAN MARIE was created to put my tools and resources to work to help you find your own answers within. I am here to inspire you to find the right path for you which you can then walk confidently on your own.